Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Please join us for the annual gathering of members of Mimbres Valley Health  Action League, Wednesday April 8, 6:00 at the Round-up Lodge.

The current Board will be serving a light dinner and dessert.

This is your chance to show your support for this non-profit organization that does so much good in the valley; the commodities program, Farmers Market, Mimbres Messenger, garden at San Lorenzo school and other projects.

Renew your membership or join as a new member when you bring your ten dollar annual fee to the meeting. That way you'll be able to vote for Board members at the end of the meeting.

We’ll see you there neighbor!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Harvest Festival, 2014

Putting on a festival is a lot like a barn raising. It takes a lot of help. The Harvest Festivals are produced and organized by the Mimbres Valley Health Action League, or MVHAL.We provide the structure and intiate the committee of vol
unteers who do the work to make this happen.

We thank the following sponsors for their donations that helped make this year's festival a success: 
AMBank-who provided transportation, Silver Health Care-Music, These organizations sponsored the festival at $500 and up.

We thank the Davis Family Foundation who donated to the festival.

All of our Friends who donated up to $249 each. These include: La Esperanza Vineyard, LLC; The Revolver Sypply Co.; Kathleen Feld; Dr. Shelby King; Mitchell Watts; No Cattle Company; Mimbres Farms; Nancy Coinman; The Sorenson Family; Mimbres Hot Spring Ranch; Elisabeth Simons; Cissy McANdrew-Mimbres Realty, Inc; Barbara Wright, Teresa Munoz; R. Koest & R. Sosaya; Nancy Ketchum & Lendell Cocke. 

Those groups who provided  products and other support include: Bikeworks-David Baker & crew; Gila Hike and Bike; Ace Hardware; San Lorenzo Elementary School, Staff and students; Grant County Health Council; The Big Ditch Crickets Band; The Roundup Lodge Booster Club; The Early Family; River's Bend Band; Mimbres Baptist Church members; United Methodist Church members, Walmart, Gila Regional Hospital.

Festival Planning and Work Committee
Ian Bailey, Ken Barr, Kate Brown, Max Carmichael, Nancy Coinman, Chris deBolt, Michael Freeman, Barry and Dawn Gray, Staley Hadden, Marilyn Markel, Lynnae McConaha, Paula Norero, Meg and Dale Streams, Grace Williams, Athena Wolf.

More wonderful volunteers
Margaret Lowery, Marla Norero, Fran Rawlins, David Gurule of Esperanza Vineyard, Bill, Paul Kinney, Tom Ross, George Martin Doug Delebar-Sapillo VFD, Hunter Fox, Asher Gelbart, Uriel Gelbart, Escher Bowers, Tsama Pineda, Franz Raiter, Terry and John Song, Michael Freeman and team, Sonny Johnson, Stephen Crim, Joyce Rogers, Shirley Sova, Jim York, Glen Baxter, Barry Gray.

Athena'a Herb Wagon
La Curandera Remedies

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What a wonderful time we had at the Harvest Festival this year! The community really came together as volunteers to make this happen under Grace's steady guidance.  Here are some of the photos Lynnae took this year. Let me know if you're in a picture and I'll put your name under it.
with gratitude,

Athena Wolf                  
Thanks to Franz Raiter for the interesting
children's activities.
Our wonderful band

Monday, April 14, 2014

MVHAL is participating in New Mexico's First Day of Giving happening on May 6, 2014.