Our mission is to improve the health, well-being, and quality of life for the people of the Mimbres Region by promoting:

  • Safe and healthy environments
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to health and social services
  • Preventative health education
  • Economic stability
  • Food security

MVHAL is led by its Board and Officers, with considerable input from its members, community members, and partner organizations. 


  • President
  • Sonny Johnson
  • Vice President
  • Franz Raiter
  • Treasurer
    Grace Williams
  • Secretary 
  • Wendy Ratcliff

    Board Members

    • Chris DeBolt
    • Dawn Gray
    • RJ Nelson

    Program Managers

    Our programs are handled by their program managers with support and guidance from our board and officers. Programs are required to submit an annual budget for board approval and manage their finances with oversight from the treasurer. 
    • Mimbres Messenger
      • The Messenger Workgroup
    • Farmers' Market
      • vacant
    • Food Commodities Distribution at the Mimbres Roundup Lodge
      • Sonny Johnson
    • Harvest Festival
      • 2017 Festival Committee
    • Community Garden and Greenhouse
      • Amber Shay & Linda Jones

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    1. Grace: How do I join MVHAL? I thought that I'd joined a few years ago. Also, I need about 20 of the Mimbrenos bumperstickers. Please give me a call at 575-574-7522