Farmers Market

The Mimbres Farmer's Market is re-organizing in 2017. If you have an interest in working with the Farmer's Market contact


  1. Hello Everyone. I am beginning the planning stages for the 2013 Farmers' Market Season. If anyone would like to volunteer this year or has any ideas they would like to share, please leave a comment here, or call me at 575-574-7674.
    Sonny / market manager

  2. Howdy Sonny,
    I would like to see if we can get Genevieve Morgan to give a presentation on composting. She would do it for a $20 sliding scale but I thought maybe MVHAL could help subsidize this so we could afford it. Andrea thinks it is a good idea and thought it could be incorporated into Farmer's Market. I need some suggestions on these issues and advertising.

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